Best restaurants in Nairobi

Nairobi is verifiably the biggest city in the nation. It fills in as Kenya’s main regulatory, social and key financial focus. Other than this, the city is additionally home to probably the best and best in class diners.

As of late, the culinary scene of the capital has been on a rising direction with new bistros, bars, and bistros springing up. With such a huge number, one may begin to ponder, what are the best cafés in Nairobi that offer quality dishes? Best restaurants in Nairobi are

Best restaurants in Nairobi
  1. Villa Rosa Kempinski Location: Chiromo Road, Westlands Lucca is perhaps the best café in Nairobi which offer quality dishes and administrations.

Described by an expressly planned stylistic theme, the diner is most loved to many. The dinners are set up by a group of expert cooks who have specialities in blending the correct fixings. Their Italian nourishments are unique. When you enter Villa Rosa Kempinski, their inebriating fragrances will animate your buds. Two courses and some tea will cost you just Ksh. 2,600

  • 2. Seven Seafood and Grill at ABC Location: James Gichuru Road and Westlands Red Hill Road Junction, Westlands Opened in 2010, Seven Seafood has a committed group of specialists who have been at the bleeding edge of different cooking advancements. Set in post-present day and fun contemporary environment, this is probably the best spot you ought to eat. Similarly as the name proposes, a wide assortment of fish is advertised. Prawns, sea fish, lobsters and shellfish are a portion of their primary dishes which are conveyed crisp every day and arranged expertly. Seven Seafood additionally offers the best hamburger in the city. Butchered bovines are painstakingly chosen in view of components, for example, age. An a la mode supper will cost you Ksh. 950 to Ksh. 4,000 and a straightforward cup of tea or espresso, Ksh. 180 to Ksh. 250.

  • Malindi Dishes Location: Gaborone Road, Off Luthuli Avenue, CBD Malindi Dishes is perhaps the best café in Nairobi where you can fulfill your Biryani hankering. Their sauce is normally salty and enhanced lavishly just to suit your preferences and inclinations. While the nourishment probably won’t be of a top-class, their flavors and flavors are extraordinary. Other than Biryani, different nourishments, for example, chapati and tikka are advertised. Try not to let anything prevent you from investigating the luxuries offered at Malindi Dishes.

  • Fonda NBO Location: Rosslyn Riviera Mall, Limuru Road Opened over the previous year, Fonda is the busiest of the new cafés in the city. On account of its dedicated validness, Mexican nourishment darlings who need for tequila and tacos would now be able to appreciate expertly arranged dishes. Their menu highlights nourishments with Mexican fixings, for example, corn flour, avocados, dark beans, agave spirits and an assortment of different beverages utilized in excess of 50 margaritas. Their mood is loose and appropriate for spending time with loved ones.

  • Mom Rocks Burgers Location: Argwings Khodek Road, Opposite Kilimali Primary School, Kilimani The celebrated Mama Rocks nibble truck opened a semi-perpetual structure with a generally costly menu in Kilimani. This structure is worked from transportation compartments decked out expertly with an African-roused stylistic theme and painting. More burgers are offered here contrasted with the truck. Likewise, increasingly seared sweet potatoes and one of a kind expertly blended mixed drinks are accessible. In spite of the fact that space is restricted, the administration ordinarily procures unrecorded music groups on some unique days. On occupied days ensure you come ahead of schedule to these best cafés in Nairobi so you can catch a corner and offer a high table with loved ones. Every burger you request will accompany a side of fries and a sauce of your decision.

Best restaurants in Nairobi

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